Community Service at ECB

Community Outreach

Since 1992, Eastern Connecticut Ballet has always reached out to others in the form of community service and educational programs. As a nonprofit organization, we recognize our responsibility to the region that supports us. We believe that the arts help create more livable communities by bringing families together; our programs offer common ground to people of all ages, backgrounds, economic circumstances, and abilities.

ECB faculty and students are socially responsible and generous with their talents. Using their unique skills as teachers and performers, they find ways to give others access to the joy and inspiration of dance Going beyond our studios, they bring dance into our local public schools, libraries, and regional performing venues large and small. ECB’s outreach programs include:

  1. FREE CREATIVE MOVEMENT CLASSES AT LOCAL LIBRARIES taught by ECB’s teacher educators for children ages 3 to 6. See schedule here.
  2. FREE PERFORMANCES OF THE NUTCRACKER BALLET FOR 2,700 SCHOOLCHILDREN from 35 local schools (and their teachers) every December at the Garde Arts Center in New London. Students are prepared through educational materials in the classroom (see below). Our dancers meet with students after every performance.
  3. FREE IN-SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES before “The Nutcracker” for up to 1,000 school children each year, funded by the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut.
  4. FREE TICKETS FOR LOW INCOME FAMILIES in our region to attend “The Nutcracker”– up to 500 people served by 20 human service agencies that act as partners with ECB.
  5. FREE NUTCRACKER STORY HOURS AT LIBRARIES for young children in the weeks before “The Nutcrackers” public performances at the Garde.
  6. ADAPTIVE DANCE, a new program at ECB, serves those with special needs in our community — both individuals and groups.
  7. PERFORMING WITH OTHER ARTS ORGANIZATIONS such as Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra several times a year for Young People’s Programs and other special events that reach several thousand people.
  8. GENEROUS SCHOLARSHIPS so that all motivated students with financial need may continue their study of dance with us. We fundraise year-round to fund our scholarships. Our administrators and faculty work with local schools in New London and elsewhere to identify and recruit talented students with need.

Download The Nutcracker Study Guide for Teachers

Download The Nutcracker Teacher Evaluation Form