Annual Spring Showcase at Eastern Connecticut Ballet

Annual Spring Showcase

DATE: Friday May 22nd 7pm, Saturday May 23rd 1:30 and 7pm 

Friday 22nd 7 pm

Adaptive Dance

Level 1-6

Junior and Senior Company

Modern 7 & 8

Character 3/4 & 5/6

Saturday 23rd 1:30 pm

Pre 1,Pre 2, First Steps

Modern 7 & 8

Junior and Senior Company

Character 3/4 & 5/6

Saturday 23rd  7 pm

Adaptive Dance

Level 1-6

Junior and Senior Company

Modern 7 & 8

Character 3/4 & 5/6

LOCATION:     Mashantucket Pequot Museum

110 Pequot Trail, Ledyard, CT 06338


We all recognize that it is important for the dancers to be well rehearsed so they look and feel good on stage.  Therefore, it is necessary for students to make every effort to consistently attend their regularly scheduled classes and rehearsals.  A performance is an individual AND team effort.  We often hear parents say it is “OK” for a child to miss rehearsal because she knows her dance.  Unfortunately, one dancer’s absence impacts the effectiveness of the entire group.  There is nothing more lovely than a “corps” that moves and breathes as one.  Dancers must work together to reach this goal.  It is never too soon to participate in an educational experience that teaches respect, cooperation, teamwork, and the joy of success that results from hard work.




MAGIC DOLL SHOP  (Pre Ballet 1, Pre Ballet 2, First Steps and Character all levels)


Mandatory rehearsals:

* Children’s pre 1, pre 2                   In class and Mandatory rehearsals May 3rd / 17th   time TBA

* Children First Steps                       In class and Mandatory rehearsals May 3rd / 17th   time TBA

* Character all levels             In class and Mandatory rehearsals May 3rd / 17th   time TBA


Level 1-6

Mandatory rehearsals:

Friday                                                 April 24th, May 1st, May 8th  5:30-7:30 pm

Saturday                                            May 9th, May 16th 10:30-12:30 pm


* Level 1                                             In Class and Mandatory rehearsals above

* Level 2                                             In Class and Mandatory rehearsals above

* Level 3                                             In Class and Mandatory rehearsals above

* Level 4                                             In Class and Mandatory rehearsals above

* Level 5                                             In Class and Mandatory rehearsals above

* Level 6                                             In Class and Mandatory rehearsals above


* Modern 7/8                                     In Class

* Junior Company                            Saturdays 12:30 as of Monday February 1st , TBA

* Company Rep                                Regular company days and times



The week before the performances, May 20-22, is Tech Week.  Dancers must be available every day, Wednesday -Thursday from 4:00-9 pm, Friday 4:00-6pm.  They may not be needed every day but must be on call until the Tech Week Schedule is mailed out.  We will send out a tech week schedule by late-April/early-May. These rehearsals will be at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum.



Participation in the Spring Showcase is NOT mandatory.  Even though many rehearsals are held in class the material studied is part of the curriculum.  All students will benefit from learning the choreography even if they are not performing.



Each dancer will be assessed a fee for each costume they wear in the performance. (Company costumes for company repertory excluded.) A $35 per costume, non-refundable deposit, will be due along with the commitment form by February 15th. We will let you know the full cost of your costume once they have been designed and ordered. It is our policy to be cost conscious and the costumes are always tasteful and appropriate. They are yours to keep.

You will receive a final bill for the total cost of the costume by the end of April. The fee will also be posted through the Jack Rabbit Parent Portal. The final balance will be due Saturday, May 2nd . All dancers must supply their own tights, shoes and make up. Please provide the leotard size of your child on the commitment form to assist us in ordering costumes.


An ECB Professional Quality make-up kit must be purchased by each dancer/family, if you do not already have the ECB make-up kit from previous ECB productions.  This keeps the performances uniform and will be used for all future ECB performances. (ONE TIME PURCHASE of $68.00) FIND FORM ENCLOSED.

Make up requirement for Pre ballet 1/2 and First Step will be the lipstick, blush and mascara ONLY.

Fake eye lashes only for levels 6 and up.


Tickets will go on sale March 30th.

Contact us here if you have any questions!